Happy New Year!

Today is a day to rest, recover from the party last night and start a new adventure. Therefore, I want to leave as a gift the summary video of the Boreal Expedition, where you can see dance in all its splendor to the aurora borealis. I wish you this year to bring you many teachings of life and many traveling adventures. Happy 2017!


Day 2. Boreal Expedition. Tromso and bays.

After setting, we went out to visit the city and some locations, with the great luck to see the first aurora borealis!

Hello adventurers! We continue our boreal adventure. Day 2 was the first day we started looking for locations and exploring new places. We first visited the city and rented boots and equipment to avoid freezing. It is very important that you always be well equipped, since that can save your life at any given time, or get you out of tricky situations. We had rented the equipment online, so I just went to the store to pick it up and ready.

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