Red and Black villages of Segovia.

Hi travellers! I had you a little abandoned, forgive me. I have been on exams and I’ve been unable to upload anything. But I’ve been stomping!

Today I bring you my little adventure through the red and black villages of Segovia. In the meantime, on a Sunday, I decided to leave and disconnect from everything. So we took the car to Riaza (Segovia), because I had been told about a very beautiful viewpoint that was near Hontanares. And there we were with the first light of the morning. It was so early that everything had frost; beautiful.

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Finnish sleds

The most effective and fun motor vehicle of these time.

Hello travellers!

In December 2004 I went with my family to Finland to celebrate Christmas. We were two cold weeks between snow, reindeer and huskies, 160 km above the Arctic Circle. You could say that I was literally at the North Pole. In fact, I met Santa Claus himself.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus and me. He spoke so weird so I couldn’t ask for presents.

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Happy New Year!

Today is a day to rest, recover from the party last night and start a new adventure. Therefore, I want to leave as a gift the summary video of the Boreal Expedition, where you can see dance in all its splendor to the aurora borealis. I wish you this year to bring you many teachings of life and many traveling adventures. Happy 2017!

Experiences of Adventurers. Game.

Hello adventurers! It’s approaching the end of the year and to dismiss him with a smile on his face, I thought to make a little game. Besides, I’m always telling you what happens to me, and this time I’d love to laugh at some of your anecdote.

Think about the last trip you have made, whether inside or outside your country. Do you already have it in mind? Well now write in a comment (or else, send me here) these four things, as long as it is the first thing that comes to mind:

“A song that reminds you of that journey.”

-A souvenir (the most rare, nice, bizarre, crappy you can think of) or object that you would have bought (it is also worth if you took a stone, for example).

“A photograph describing the trip for you.”

“An apprenticeship or anecdote you can briefly tell us.”

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Day 2. Boreal Expedition. Tromso and bays.

After setting, we went out to visit the city and some locations, with the great luck to see the first aurora borealis!

Hello adventurers! We continue our boreal adventure. Day 2 was the first day we started looking for locations and exploring new places. We first visited the city and rented boots and equipment to avoid freezing. It is very important that you always be well equipped, since that can save your life at any given time, or get you out of tricky situations. We had rented the equipment online, so I just went to the store to pick it up and ready.

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Boreal expedition. Day 1.

Depart from Madrid to Alicante. Arrival to Tromso.

Our adventure began in Madrid, from where we were all but one person from the expedition. The team was formed by: Javi (great organizer), Ula (my father and also great organizer), Carlos Mazzini (night photographer Jubilao), Manolo (belonging to the collective of Photoleza), Vane and Miguel (couple and Javi’s friends) , Manuel (from Alicante, joined us at the last moment) and I (the youngest of the group). We did not know each other, so we went a bit because of the experience and the adventure.

Norway 2013- Beginning of the boreal expedition.


Hello travellers! It’s December, which means it’s almost Christmas time! That’s why I decided to show you a couple of winter trips. During the next two weeks we will immerse ourselves in the Norwegian trip of 2013 (I made another trip to Norway in 2010 quite different). I will tell you the day by day of that trip, which was not a common trip; no sir. Also, I just bought what would be my new travel companion: my SLR camera. This trip marks a before and after in my way of making videos and capturing trips.