1996 Futuroscope, Parc Astérix y Bruges

At the early age of 3 years old, my parents took my brother (three years older than me) and me to a trip drive through France and Belgium.

Sincerely, I don’t remember too much about that travel. I was little. I know – thanks to the pictures- that we went to Futuroscope (a futurist theme park in France) and I couldn’t get into a 3D cinema where seats moved with the movie, because of my age. I remember to stay with my mother outside playing with something in my baby stroller.



On that trip we also went to Parc Astérix, a theme park based on the comics by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. Here I could tell you the first storie of th blog.

After that theme park, we went to Disneyland Paris, but this story I want to save it for later, because I’ve gone twice and I want to show you the differences between this trip and the other.

So, we finished our trip visiting Bruges, a beautiful city that I really recommend you. I’ll talk later, on other post, about Bruges.
Actually, I also don’t remember too much about this city but one thing. My parents told me that at 6pm all the witches of the town would come out. My childish mind believed it and when the bells rang -announcing the new hour- I swear I heard a witch laughing. So I was, a very creative girl.


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