Who Am I?

My name is Sara Jiménez, known among my closest friends as Miss Murphy given the amount of funny (and not) stories caused by this bad luck that sometimes I have.

Sara Jiménez Rodriguez

Interrail trip, 2011. Venice.

I’m a photographer and video maker of social events. At the same time, I’m making the last year of Audiovisual Communication degree at Complutense’s University of Madrid. And as you can suppose, I love travel.






At my age I have traveled to many countries thanks to my parents. They instilled in me the love to go new places, and record them with my camera.


Toronto, 2014

In this space I share with you my passion for traveling; my experiences according to my age (you will see videos I made with 12 years old, for example); experiences of people who have traveled with me, or friends I have made while traveling; and also small advices on places or even luggage for those who need it.