Red and Black villages of Segovia.

Hi travellers! I had you a little abandoned, forgive me. I have been on exams and I’ve been unable to upload anything. But I’ve been stomping!

Today I bring you my little adventure through the red and black villages of Segovia. In the meantime, on a Sunday, I decided to leave and disconnect from everything. So we took the car to Riaza (Segovia), because I had been told about a very beautiful viewpoint that was near Hontanares. And there we were with the first light of the morning. It was so early that everything had frost; beautiful.

And there I learned that the whole area was known for its red and black villages, according to the material used for the construction of it. That is, the red villages are those built with clay; the blacks ones, with black slate.

We could only visit two villages, Martin Muñoz de Ayllón, a black town, and Madriguera, a red town. The first village was tiny, but very well kept and restored. They wanted to stay there to live in peace.The second one was very very red; even the fronton that used to be green, was red to not be out of place. That town was much bigger and more active. After eating in Riaza, we end the day with a beautiful sunset from the Mirador de Hontanares.

On this day nothing spectacular happened to me, it was to relax and enjoy making photos and video. But we learnt several things:

  1. It is worth getting up early to see and take pictures of the frost, and also to enjoy the view without anyone bothering.
  2. Eating in a Spanish village is the best, you eat so well.
  3. A break from time to time helps to relax the mind. From Madrid it took around an hour to arrive, and between town and town, half an hour at most.

There are routes to discover these villages that I strongly encourage you to do. In general, we miss many jewels near our cities and then we want to make spectacular trips that we will take advantage of very little.

Let’s go out and find new places nearby!


Hipster pic from the lookout of Hontanares


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