Finnish sleds

The most effective and fun motor vehicle of these time.

Hello travellers!

In December 2004 I went with my family to Finland to celebrate Christmas. We were two cold weeks between snow, reindeer and huskies, 160 km above the Arctic Circle. You could say that I was literally at the North Pole. In fact, I met Santa Claus himself.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus and me. He spoke so weird so I couldn’t ask for presents.

But today I want to talk about the wonderful invention that fascinated me: the traditional Finnish sled.

In the little village where we were (we rented a very nice wooden hut that had sauna and everything) there were very few shops and restaurants. In one of the shops, they sold and rented equipment of all kinds. That’s where we found the sleds.

These sleds (at 20 euros a day, but I remember badly) were for two people. They had a small wooden seat for a person to sit in front of, and from behind, the pusher could climb to the shovels (very useful when descending by a slope).

With this sled we laughed a lot, most of all because we discovered how fun it was to jump with it and embed itself against snowy mountains. The person in front of him was shooting and falling headlong into the snow.

We used that sled a lot because it allowed us to move more easily around the area.


Escribir una leyenda

I remember that my father, one day we went to the ski slopes, had the grace to throw himself with the sled on a hill, with the bad luck that there was a mound of snow in the middle of the slope. Then, when it was thrown, it passed over the mound causing the sled to soar and literally flew a few meters before falling headlong. You can not imagine how funny it was to see the sled slide smoothly towards us while my father was curled up in the snow surrounded by worried Finns. Nothing was done. Only his dignity was wounded.

And so far my anecdotes with sleds. Until next time!



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