Why do I call myself Miss Murphy?

Hello travellers! Many have asked me (not for the blog directly, but on the social networks and in person) that why I use the appellation Miss Murphy. Well, to explain it I will tell you my philosophy of life.

Some time ago I discovered that when bad things happen to us, or things do not go as we want, there is no point in being dazzled, angry at the world and throwing everything away. If you do, you put on a blindfold and you see nothing but black around you. That band that is the feeling of failure and anger prevents you from seeing all the options that open up or all the perspectives that you can adopt. That something that does not please you does not mean that it is bad and does not contain anything good. In fact, it often contains many teachings from which you learn. If you do not fall, you will never know how to get up.

Thus, I was growing as a person and forcing myself to think positive, to be optimistic but realistic; To look at the world with different eyes and to think about all the possibilities that a situation offers. Everything happens for some reason. If you miss the bus is because maybe you needed to meet later with a friend from childhood; If one day you put to write a work, for example, but you do not get anything is because maybe your mind needs rest and another time will come a lot much better.

I simply ask myself the why of things, the why of situations. And when I do I realize that everything that happens to me had an explanation, however absurd it may seem. And a lot of “bad” things happen to me. More than bad, they are ironies of life. Bad luck is called.

The other day, for example, I thought I had left behind people who had done me much harm. Then I went out to the street to get the dogs and saw the person who had hurt me the most. I had just bought a dog and was going to come to my own park every day. And I thought, “Bloody Murphy, I’ve got it back.” I felt terrible because I was going to have to talk to that person every time I saw her and then I thought I might need it, to close my wounds, to forgive both that person and myself.

My name is Miss Murphy because for me Murphy’s Law governs my life for the better (and because I know that Murphy is in love with me and shows me this, what am I going to do). I happen to be “horrible” things that produce adverse situations, but I react with humor. I laugh a lot, because as it dazzles me with the bad luck that I have, I would be too bitter.


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