Experiences of Adventurers. Game.

Hello adventurers! It’s approaching the end of the year and to dismiss him with a smile on his face, I thought to make a little game. Besides, I’m always telling you what happens to me, and this time I’d love to laugh at some of your anecdote.

Think about the last trip you have made, whether inside or outside your country. Do you already have it in mind? Well now write in a comment (or else, send me here) these four things, as long as it is the first thing that comes to mind:

“A song that reminds you of that journey.”

-A souvenir (the most rare, nice, bizarre, crappy you can think of) or object that you would have bought (it is also worth if you took a stone, for example).

“A photograph describing the trip for you.”

“An apprenticeship or anecdote you can briefly tell us.”

I give you an example.

My last trip was to Iceland and the first thing that comes to mind of that trip is:

-The song “Salt and Shadow” by Thrice (it’s a song that I’ve just discovered and that helps me a lot to think and relax).

Salt of lava, as souvenir.

-I learned that the fumaroles are nice to see but smell rotten egg (I got intoxicated and I had a very bad night, believe me, if you go there do not inhale a lot of smoke).

-And this photo:

Paseo lunar

Iceland, 2016

Because for me Iceland was a road to the unknown. In every place there was something beautiful and strange that you could admire.

All comments will be posted on the blog and will be part of a new mini section called Experiences of adventurers. In addition, the songs you propose here will be added to a playlist in Spotify so that anyone who wants to have music for trips can download and enjoy it. The list will be called “Traveling with Murphy” and the blog logo.

I think every trip has something special and these four things usually coincide (they are also worth smells or even colors). In fact, you will have noticed that in all the videos of Norway 2013 sounds in the background the same song, “Hey Brother” of Avicii. This is because it is the song of that trip, it did not stop to sound in the radio at all hours.

So I ask you, adventurer, what can you tell me about your last trip?


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