Day 5. Rain of auroras.

The most beautiful spectacle of lights and colors danced over our heads that day. The greatest and best gift of nature.

Hello adventurers!

Today I wanted to tell you firsthand what it meant for me this day. Apart from visiting the border with Finland and Sweden and passing to -27 ° C, this day will be marked in my memory as one of the best of the trip.

I just want to tell you the anecdotes of that day.
norway-2013_dia-4_06When we went to Finland, to the border (this was a snowy desert, a white plain dominated
by the crescent moon), we took the opportunity to take the group picture. As I said before, it was -27ºC; Very very cold My father, whose nose is very large, began to clog because of the cold. So cold that when I looked at him, I had a mini stalactite hanging from his nose.

Another thing I remember fondly is when we went to eat to wait for the northern lights. As we were not sure if that area was propitious to see them, we went to ask a small establishment, badulaque type. I asked the girl who was there and she told me the usual, which at first they do look but it is something so random that I could not guarantee it. As this answer did not please Manuel (if you do not remember him, watch this video) he did not think of anything other than to ask again (he does not speak English). With a napkin he drew a sort of aurora, like undulating horizontal lines, rather, and then he pointed to the clock while half shouted in Spanish: “At what time do the northern lights rise?” After a long time in which Manuel did not cease in his effort, he returned victorious saying “He told me that they leave at six in the afternoon. So we still have time”. For me the girl answered him something else, but he remains convinced that they understood. The worst thing is that then until 6 we did not start to see Auroras. Moral: That language is not an impediment to communicate with people. Body expression (gestures and also drawings) are practically universal.

Finally, I wanted to tell you about the great spectacle of nature that we witnessed that day. I’m not lying if I tell you it was the best. After Sommaroy, I thought I would not see more spectacular auroras, and I was wrong. These were very powerful, with many colors, and fell vertically. That’s why we do not have many photos, because they fell like sharp edges over our heads and there was no reference to the photo. It was rare. So, I left the camera doing timelapse (as I could because the intensity was so variable that setting the parameters was a mess) while enjoying looking at the sky at such an amazing time. I felt insignificant. It was beautiful.


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