Day 2. Boreal Expedition. Tromso and bays.

After setting, we went out to visit the city and some locations, with the great luck to see the first aurora borealis!

Hello adventurers! We continue our boreal adventure. Day 2 was the first day we started looking for locations and exploring new places. We first visited the city and rented boots and equipment to avoid freezing. It is very important that you always be well equipped, since that can save your life at any given time, or get you out of tricky situations. We had rented the equipment online, so I just went to the store to pick it up and ready.

We went to the Arctic Curch, which was almost on the outskirts of Tromso. I must say that it is a very large and extensive city. I remember that it started to snow a lot. I was excited, I had not seen snow that way in a long time.

The church, as you can see, is not like the ones we are used to seeing. It was very modern, with huge stained glass; they appreciate the light of the sun and want to make the most of it. I liked it a lot, although it was not very decorated inside. She was austere and pretty.

After visiting the city, we went to look at nearby locations that we had pointed out in advance, to see the possibilities offered by the place.

At night, after our dinner (I can not remember which one it was, but I imagine it was dehydrated pasta. Each night, we each took the envelope we wanted to eat and we took turns cooking), some of us decided to go try our luck. We pointed out in the GPS a location that we found interesting and went with the car.

And when we gave it all for lost, we saw a kind of glow. We stopped at the gutter and there it was: dim, almost timid, our first northern lights.


Northern lights from the road. The first one of the trip.

With this premise, we continued until we reached a bay, where we could enjoy a show of lights of nature. We went crazy because it was very intense and to photograph it was very complicated. In addition, from the emotion you forget to photograph and surrender to the visual enjoyment. It was the first day of adventure, and we had already achieved our goal. It was fully satisfactory.

And that’s all for today. If you want to see the explanatory video of the day, click here. Have a good Monday!


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